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El Salvador's cofradía Niño Dios de María hosts New Year's festivities

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Listen to an interview with Majordomo Angele Vitelio Mendez.

In the weeks before Christmas, this cofradía builds a three-story tall throne in front of the church of the Asunción, across from the town square, for festivities that are held from New Year’s Eve through January 1. On the feast of the Holy Innocents, the priest from Asunción Church celebrates a Mass with cofradía members and blesses the throne. That evening, and the evening that follows, the Niño is processed around town and then to the throne, where it is placed in the second floor for viewing. The festivities feature music and dancing, with fireworks at 4 a.m. on January 1. The cofradía serves a drink of cinnamon, milk and liquor to all who come to see the Niño, and also serve pupusas and other sweets.

During December and into early January, the cofradía hosts a large nativity scene in the front room of the majordomo’s house.

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