College and University Syllabi

On this page, you will find tips from experienced educators of Global Catholicism and successful syllabi used in college and university courses. You will also find educators' reflections on readings that fell flat in the classroom or films that left students puzzled. There is a growing body of readings, visual and audio resources, and other educational materials available to introduce students to the variety of ways Catholics around the world live and imagine their faith. Catholics & Cultures is also actively adding engaging and classroom-tested materials to this catalogue. On this section of the site, we will offer educational resources for college and university teachers who want to diversify their classroom offerings and try out new strategies to get students talking about lived Catholicism.

Ages: Undergraduate College
Catholics around the world live and imagine their faith in a startling diversity of ways, but they are still part of the same global Church. This course examines the globalization and localization of Catholic faith, asking how local meanings, practices, rituals, and experiences spread globally and a global faith becomes local.