Student Blog: Catholic Experiences Abroad

Students bring fresh, comparative perspectives on what it means to be Catholic in different parts of the world. Catholics & Cultures invites students who have traveled to or studied in different countries to share their encounters with lived Catholicism.

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All Saints’ Day, commonly called Ognissanti, and All Souls’ Day, il Giorno dei Morti, take place on the first two days on November. In Italy there is a ponte, or long weekend, where there is no school or work so people are free to observe these days. Both Ognissanti and il Giorno dei Morti provide platforms for reconnection, whether spiritual, historical, or cultural.
Even 400 years after the death of Saint Rose of Lima, the entire city and country still mourn her. The mourning now is different than it was back in 1617, but the foundation is the same—remembering the life and works of Saint Rose and praying for her intercession and the repose of her soul.