Very Young Catholics

Cover of the book Very Young Catholics in India features a photo of two boys and a girl standing, smiling at the camera, in front of a large white church.

For primary school students, the Very Young Catholic Project offers a series of children's books that deal with the everyday life of Catholic children around the world. Each book in the series is set in a different country, and the locations circle the globe, from Togo on one side to Fiji on the other. The goal is for a complete series that includes a book in each of the 24 time zones of the world, creating a vivid picture of the universal Church for the child reader. The series shows both the unity and the variety of the Catholic experience. To date, the series includes books on: Austria, Canada, Ecuador - The Galapagos Islands, Fiji, India, Ireland, Kenya, Taiwan, Togo, and the USA.

Author Emily Koczela is a lawyer and served as chief financial officer to a network of Catholic Schools. She is a lifelong Catholic, mother of six, and grandmother of fourteen (so far). Her travels have taken her to Mass in more than a dozen countries, and the unity of faith across nations was an inspiration for this series.

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