Secondary School Lesson Plans

Ages: 14 15 16
Expose students to the diversity of ways in which Mary is integrated into worship around the world through series of images and videos, and have them compare and contrast Marian worship in three different countries.
Ages: 12 13 14 15
Learning about home practice not only teaches students about domestic expressions of faith, but also encourages them to consider how the home environment reflects familial and societal values. This lesson starts with Christianity, and uses the resources from Catholics & Cultures as a base, but is intended to segue to the home practice of other faiths and secular homes.
Ages: 16 17 18
The topic of food in Christianity is an ideal opportunity to assign an interactive class project, as children tend to show enthusiasm about learning combined with eating! The key is to ground the assignment in theology and cultural practices, so that students clearly see the learning implications of the project, and not just an opportunity to eat something.