Tom Landy to Give Zahm Lecture at University of Portland

'A Guide to College in 8 Contradictions'

University of Portland
Buckley Center Auditorium
Portland, OR 97203
United States

At a time when people have extraordinary access to information at their fingertips, and vacillate between polarized, ideological certainties and relativistic uncertainty whether there is any such thing as truth worth seeking, and critics left and right question the value of a university education, what's a student to do? Thomas M. Landy, who is congenitally wary of canned advice, shares why, from his experience, this a better time to be a learner than you might think. So how do you take advantage of the opportunity?

Landy is director of the McFarland Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture and founder of Catholics & Cultures at the College of the Holy Cross. A sociologist by training, he researches Catholic life and practice in all corners of globe, exploring remarkably diverse ways that Catholics practice their faith and see the world. For 25 years he has served as director of Collegium, a faculty development program that helps participants from Catholic colleges and universities to reimagine their vocations and to think about how their work serves their students, their schools, and the world.

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