New issue of Journal of Global Catholicism continues focus on Africa

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The Journal of Global Catholicism has published its second issue focusing on Catholicism in Africa, "Retrospect and Prospect." A publication of Catholics & Cultures at the College of the Holy Cross, JGC is an international, interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal that fosters understanding of diverse forms of lived Catholicism.

Articles and essays in the issue consider the nuances of ecclesiology and dialogue, and understandings of wellness, witchcraft, and selfhood. They are:

  • "The Ecclesiology of Pope Francis and the Future of the Church in Africa," by Bradford E. Hinze;
  • "Relationships Between Religious Denomination, Quality of Life, Motivation and Meaning in Abeokuta, Nigeria," by Mary Gloria Njoku and Babajide Gideon Adeyinka;
  • "Learning Religion in the Presence of the Other: Mission and Dialogue in World Catholicism," by Matthias Scharer;
  • "The Devil of the Missionary Church: The White Fathers and Catholic Evangelization in Zambia," by Bernhard Udelhoven
  • "Allocutio: Articulating the Task for the Future of African Catholicism," by Mary Sylvia Nwachukwu; and
  • "Seeing Witchcraft," by Bernhard Udelhoven.

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The Journal of Global Catholicism also has added four esteemed international scholars to its editorial board. Teresia Hinga, of Santa Clara University; Eunice Kamaara, of Moi University, Kenya; Magdalena Lubanska, of the University of Warsaw; and Bernhard Udelhoven, of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa, join Danielle Kane, of Holy Cross, and Kerry San Chirico, of Villanova University, as associate editors. Mathew N. Schmalz is founding editor, and Marc R. Loustau serves as editor.