In Jordan, Friday is for worship and Sunday for work

  • The holy door and iconostasis at St. George Melkite Cathedral, Amman, Jordan.
  • Blessed bread - not the same as communion - is left at the door of the church for believers to take after the liturgy. St. George Cathedral, Amman, Jordan.
  • Liturgy at St. George Melkite Catholic Cathedral, Amman, Jordan.

Jordan is home to five Catholic churches: Greek Melkite, Roman, Syrian, Armenian and Maronite. Chaldean Catholics also live in Jordan, and their numbers have increased with the 2014 refugee crisis, but currently they do not have their own parish. Greek Melkite and Roman Catholics constitute, by far, the largest numbers of parishes and Catholics.


Given that Jordan is a Muslim country, Friday is the country’s normal day of worship, and Sunday is a normal day of work. Christians who work for Muslim companies normally do not have the day off, though those who are self-employed or employed by Christians often can have the day off. Hence, where there are Masses on Sunday morning, one tends to see women, children and retired people, such as in the Latin rite video on this page. The primary Mass of the day is in the evening.