Catholics in Denmark identify with coffee hour and charity

  • As evidenced by the parish bulletin board at Sakramentskirken, global charity work resonates well with Danish cultural priorities.

Independent lay organizations do not seem to play a significant role in Danish Catholics’ lives. Catholics tend to meet in parish settings (the coffee hour after Mass is the most popular and characteristically Danish element of church life), and occasionally through diocesan settings. In the diocese, there are occasions for youth to gather, through the DUK, the Danish Catholic youth organization, which has year-round programs and summer camps; and events for adults like the annual pilgrimages. Lay movements from Communione to El Shaddai exist in Denmark, but none appears to play an outsized role.

Official Catholic charities and mission organizations like Caritas (apparently the most visible and valued of Catholic organizations), and Missio have a significant presence in parishes, and are elements that Danes value as important to their identity.