Chaldean liturgy features Syriac dialect and chanting

  • Choir of Chaldean girls, during a Mass. Photo by Sandrine Alexie
  • Worshipers receive communion at Easter in Araden, a Christian village in Iraqi Kurdistan. Photo by Sandrine Alexie
  • Christians go to the Mass for the feast of St. Levo in the Chaldean village of Levo, Iraq. Photo by Sandrine Alexie
  • Mass for St. Levo at the Church of Levo in Iraq. Photo by Sandrine Alexie

The Syriac language is still in use by Chaldean Christians in their liturgy, and in other settings. Chanting plays an important role in the liturgy.  View a revised missal of the liturgy . The liturgy is related to the Syro-Malabar rite in India.

The videos on this page offer examples of Chaldean liturgy.

Chaldean Church, Toronto.

Easter Mass in the Chaldean Church.

Christmas Holy Mass at the Chaldean Church.